Are You Ready to Make Time Your B*tch? Here's The Real Truth of What's Stopping You From Succeeding + How You Can Redesign Your Conscious Biz for Success with New, Innovative, 100% Tailored to YOU Techniques...

"Exclusive Inspired Action LIVE 90 Minute Online Event with Racheal Cook"

Thriving as a Conscious Entrepreneur Is Hard!
And sometimes, no matter how determined you are, how passionate you are, or how many hours you slave away, you simply don’t see your business thrive.

There is Good News!

  • You are not alone. The fact is, most heart-centered entrepreneurs are incredibly passionate about their message + how they serve, but they don’t know how to get the word out or how to attract perfect-for-you clients. When you begin to understand the essential elements of conscious business design + mindful marketing, you can stop spinning your wheels and actually gain traction and VELOCITY in your business. Being an entrepreneur is an entirely new mind- and skill- set {that CAN be learned!}.
  • You don’t have to do the square peg-round hole thing. The majority of education available is so formulaic – which leads to all businesses starting to look like copy-cats. When you understand the core foundational elements of conscious business, you are able to be more inspired, inventive + innovative {and completely stand apart from others in your field}.
  • You don’t have to sacrifice time with your family, your friends, or even yourself! Too many people equate working hard with long hours. Lemme tell you – long hours on busy-work does not equate quality time invested in building your biz! In fact – I now run The Yogipreneur, The Yogi CEO, Yogipreneur Media + Lifeshifted within 25 hours a week so I can spend more time with my 2 year old twins. You can bet that each of those hours is highly optimized and prioritized to allow me to have the most FUN, leverage my greatest GIFTS, and generate the most PROFIT.

There’s no doubt about it – manifesting a thriving, successful, and sustainable business takes WORK.There is no magic pill that creates “overnight success”. But when you have the foundations in place, you can drastically shorten the learning curve to get real results faster and more effortlessly.

That’s Why You’ve Gotta Make Time Your B*tch

Join me, Racheal Cook, for a BRAND NEW 90 Minute LIVE WEBINAR where I’ll be sharing a raw + real look at how I’ve grown The Yogipreneur from serving a handful of local teachers to one of multiple international six-figure brands — and you can attend, FREE as my guest!

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. If your biz is still in the same place it was 6 months ago {or eek – 6 years ago}… If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own biz but have no idea where to begin… If you’re ready to shift your biz model to one that allows you more freedom… then it’s time to get serious about where you’re investing each precious moment.

This isn’t gonna be a conversation about the tip or trick that suddenly solves all your client attraction woes. And we’re not talking about “time management” techniques that expect you to operate like some machine at maximum speed. No, this conversation will focus 100% around mindful + conscious tools that will allow you to cut through all the clutter and spend your time on the things that really matter — in your biz + your life.

When You Join Me for Make Time Your B*tch, You’ll Learn:
  • Why saying NO is crucial to getting laser focused in your business {you won’t believe how simple it can be to STOP working out of obligation and START working out of INSPIRATION!}
  • How to start incorporating MINDFULNESS practices into your business so you can stop flying by the seat of your pants/constantly putting out fires/wasting time on busy work. {Best yet, you’re not going to learn just one way of doing this but MANY so you can pick the strategy that resonates with you and gets you the best results!}

  • What you should avoid at ALL costs if you want to have thrive as a conscious entrepreneur {you’ll probably be surprised at more than a few of these}
  • And MUCH more…

When you join us for Make Time Your B*tch, you’ll learn to implement the action steps + strategies for overcoming the obstacles to your success, you’ll find that you can accomplish more, experience a state of effortless flow, and feel that being an entrepreneur is much easier than you ever thought possible.

About Racheal Cook

Racheal is the founder of The Yogipreneur, The YogiCEO, Yogipreneur Media, + LifeShifted as well as co-author of the book A Modern Yogis Guide to Rockin’ Your Yoga Career. Through her proven Conscious Business Design and Techy Training programs, Racheal has helped hundreds of enlightened entrepreneurs master client attraction, mindful marketing, and cutting edge technology.